May 02, 2017

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How to run a MōVI on a Jib

If you're looking to step up your Jib shots, attaching a gimbal to a jib is a sure way to increase the production value by allowing you multi-axis shots within traditional jib movements. We've put together a new Camera Ninja Training video to show you how to set up our Feather Crane Plus and a Freefly Systems MōVI M10
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May 01, 2017


Episode 2 - Camera Ninja Training - Counterbalance

At Lite Pro Gear, we want to help you nail those epic shots. The Camera Ninja Training course is meant to work the viewer from the ground up through a series of short instructional videos.

Episode 2 - Counterbalance.
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April 27, 2017


Chasing The Light - Cascade Falls

In the never ending race against light, having the right tools for the job and preparation can be the difference between nailing the shot and coming home empty handed.

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April 13, 2017


Episode 3 - Camera ninja training - Tilting the camera on a jib or crane.

In this episode, we cover leveling the camera seat, maintaining the self-leveling function of the jib, making tilt adjustments and how to avoid the "flip down."
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October 18, 2016


Camera Tripod Heads 101

If you’re brand new to the world of video camera equipment, it can be overwhelming trying to understand the intricacies of your new camera and all of its accessories. While you may already have purchased your shiny new video camera, there are a variety of helpful tools you can purchase to enhance your video quality. A great tripod head will hold your camera rock-steady; while less superior models will have a less sturdy and smooth delivery. If you plan on purchasing your camera head individually as opposed to buying a complete kit, make sure you understand the function and importance of each accessory before purchasing them.

Ball Heads

Ball heads allow you to aim your camera lens with ease and can be adjusted into a wide range of positions. A majority of the time, your tripods ball joint will be able to move in a complete 360-degree circle providing you with true pan and tilt capabilities.

Pan & Tilt Heads

Pan and tilt heads allow you to have a high level of control of your video camera. These heads allow the cameraman to control the movement of the camera with one hand, providing a useful way to make quick adjustments.

Gimbal Heads

When you place a large, heavy camera on a regular tripod head, the laws of gravity are likely to take over and your beloved camera might tip over. A gimbal head is a great solution for this because it balances your camera on its natural center of gravity. Gimbal heads let you easily pan by rotating the camera base up and down, without having to worry about the camera tipping over on its mount.

Fluid Heads

As their name implies, fluid heads use an innovative sealed liquid to create a small hydraulic damping system that enables a smooth and steady camera motion. If you’re planning to shoot your video with a compact camcorder, you’ll find a fluid head to be extremely useful.

At Lite Pro Gear, our videography specialists understand how important it is to purchase the proper equipment for your filmmaking needs. If you’re looking for a travel-friendly camera jib to bring on your next trip, our Feather Camera Crane™ can help you capture amazing shots. With an adjustable, self-leveling camera head, it’s easy to capture smooth and consistent footage through large swooping motions. To learn more about how our Feather Camera Crane™ can improve your video making, browse our online video gallery today!

October 05, 2016


Essential Video Equipment For Your Next Video Shoot

Whether you’re new to videography or have been in the filmmaking industry for years, capturing those magic moments can be extra challenging without the proper video equipment. Choosing the wrong support system for your camera puts you at risk of poor production quality and multiple, time consuming re-shoots. At Lite Pro Gear, our professional video equipment specialists are dedicated to educating our customers on the value of quality video gear, which is why we’ve worked hard to create the innovative Feather Camera Crane™ and Feather Crane Plus™. While there are several stabilization systems to consider when it comes to your camera rig, below are a few qualities we recommend for both basic and advanced support systems.

Video Camera Tripods

A solid and dependable tripod is almost as essential as the video camera itself. Almost every video camera will have two basic parts: the head and the legs. It is common to purchase these parts as one unit, but you can also find them individually. If you want to mix and match your video equipment, be extra careful purchasing parts from different manufacturers, as certain features may vary in shape and size. An ideal tripod stand must do several things well to be effective. A solid tripod will not wiggle or shake when set up and should provide a sturdy foundation for your video camera to sit. It should also give a smooth and consistent resistance for tilts, turns and pans. Materials and their associated weights should also be considerations if you plan on travel long distances with your tripod.

Video Camera Jibs & Cranes

One of the greatest ways to open or close a scene in your video can be created with the use of a jib, also known as a crane. This video camera accessory creates a panning motion made by moving the video camera up or down past tall foreground objects or your subject. A jib usually consists of a long arm with the video camera on one end and counterweights on the other. The entire rig will mount to a tripod base so you can easily maneuver the jib to create unique and captivating shots.

At Lite Pro Gear, we’ve created a strong and versatile carbon fiber jib for the mobile cinematographer. Our Feather Camera Crane™ provides exceptional performance without the hassle of bulky parts and is perfect for both outdoor video and indoor studio shoots.

Video Tripod Heads

When it comes to choosing the correct tripod head for your video camera, it’s important to consider matching the weight of your camcorder with the rated load capacity of the head. A head that was initially designed for a heavier camcorder won’t get the same balance performance with a light camera as it would with a heavier camera. If you have a larger video camera or have multiple cameras you intend to use on the same head, look for a head that will allow you to install different gauges of counterbalance springs.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lite Pro Gear’s innovative and lightweight Feather Camera Crane™and Feather Crane Plus™check out our videos online or contact us today!

December 28, 2015


Wishing you our sincere thanks!

As the year winds down we want to take this opportunity to thank our customers, new and old for their loyal patronage. It has been our pleasure to provide you with the best ultralight production cranes on the market and we look forward to a year full of new prospects.

The lucky, randomly chosen contest winner was @maribeth_ratajczyk who wrote: @liteprogear I've been a very good girl this year and deserve to get off of sticks and have camera movement with a Feather Camera Crane Plus! #cameracranegiveaway #cameramovement I WANNA CRANE. Cheers Maribeth and enjoy the crane.

We also want to give a big shout out to all those who took the time and entered in the "Christmas Crane Giveaway"on Instagram. Here is a list of the applicants and what they had to say about why they deserved a Feather Camera Crane Plus this holiday season. You all are awesome! 



This year I decided to quit my job and do video production full time, but early on all my equipment was stolen. So I dug in bought new equipment and found supporters to help me get my business rolling. To have a Light Pro Gear Crane would up my video production to a whole new level! #liteprogear#feathercameracraneplus #christmas#holidays #traveljib #adventurejib #contest#freestuff


2. @simoneisenbach

I deserve to win the@liteprogear giveaway because I need it to help take my production value up in 2016 with my gimbal on the end of it. Especially when there's no better jib out there for traveling #cameracranegiveaway


3. @agrphoto

Old crane weighs a ton.

Can't take to far and wide lands.

But Lite Pro Gear can.

@liteprogear #cameracranegiveaway

#haiku #merrychristmas


4. @therealaligshow

Hoping Santa brings me one of these @liteprogear Feather Camera Crane Plus jams, or that I win one in this #cameracranegiveaway ... I feel like I've been good this year, and it sure would add a pro feel to my flicks #FingersCrossed ~ #NiceList ~ #PortoJams


5. @exitwelve

I've been eyeing up the@liteprogear #feathercameracraneplus for awhile now but just haven't had the spare#coin kicking around yet to add one to my#kit. I'm not one to ever say "I deserve" something, but I would definitely love to, some day, be able to carry one of these bad boys into the #woods w me on all of my future #shoots. Plus, I just can't even seem to find the time to #build my own#traveljib! Hopefully luck is on my side and I end up winning this#cameracranegiveaway! Thanks#liteprogear for putting on this #contest



6. @lindsay_mcswain

@liteprogear I need this because SC was hit hard with recent flooding. I'm a real estate agent trying to help document property for those affected. I've maxed my budget out with replacing my equipment for this and future projects.#cameracranegiveaway




kesterkk A Feather Camera Crane Plus would be really cool for filming on King Henry VIII's Mary Rose, in its new museum.


8. @saraminda777

@liteprogear #cameracranegiveaway I've been a very good girl this year and I've worked really hard! ??


9. @saraminda777

@liteprogear #cameracranegiveaway I've been a very good girl this year and I've worked really hard!


10. @the_way_of_the_way

@liteprogear I would like this camera crane for Christmas because I'm taking a small film crew on a self funded walk-umentary across Europe next summer and something this light and versatile would be a real game changer and would save us a bundle on costs. #cameracranegiveaway


11. @friskies80

@liteprogear #cameracranegiveaway I deserve to win because I'm finally pursuing my passion for filmmaking on a full-time basis. I wasn't happy with my job and decided to quit settling and to go for what makes me happy. I want to represent female film-makers as best I can. I also love road trips and being mobile. I love capturing my adventures and moments on the road with amazing cinematography and to fully represent the true beauty of every location. Please pick me because I want to take my shots to a whole other level!


12. @mvphotoarts

Wow! I've been wanting one of these all year! I've worked with a jib once before but nearly all of them are too big and bulky to travel any distance at all with. The @liteprogear #cameracranegiveaway would give me the ability to take my camera rig with me anywhere I go and capture amazing dynamic video!


13. @epk2go

@liteprogear would love to win crane of my own! Can Christmas wishes come true??#cameracranegiveaway#liteprogear#creative#merrychristmas


14. @tal_volk

@liteprogear #cameracranegiveaway this jib would be awesome to use to get some neat shots. Wonder what my odds of winning are


15. @maribeth_ratajczyk

@liteprogear I've been a very good girl this year and deserve to get off of sticks and have camera movement with a Feather Camera Crane Plus! #cameracranegiveaway #cameramovement I WANNA CRANE


16. @spfilms

@liteprogear A camera crane is needed to be able to get amazing shots with a camera, without it, similar shots can be done, but with lesser quality. One thing i need to make short films and documentaries is a camera crane, which something i don't have. A crane from you will be perfect for me since I am a student who has to do a lot of traveling with very little and light gear. #cameracranegiveaway


17. @bradscottvisuals

@liteprogear is having a Christmas giveaway. #cameracranegiveaway I need a crane this year to get some epic cinematic shots of skiing and boarding as well as for my stock footage site. This would make a very nice Christmas present.


18. @outdoorrehabilitation

@liteprogear it'll be very nice and helpful to be gifted a crane to improve my camera skills and start shooting video. Great piece of gear to have access to. #cameracranegiveaway


19. @oneiga

The homies @liteprogear giving away a feather crane this xmas! I hope I get one in time to prepare for my trip to pakistan in January for the "Music of the Mystics" documentary i'm producing :) #cameracranegiveaway


20. @camargopwr

@liteprogear I deserve a Feather Camera Crane because I will not sleep until I get the most out of every awesome shot possible using this amazing gear. And I've been a good boy. #cameracranegiveaway


21. @southlakejake

Check out my buddies @liteprogear for a killer camera crane. I'd love to win one then maybe I can stop working construction. #cameracranegiveaway #tahoerulz



22. @mobrassie

Pretty excited to announce that I'll be wining one of these sweet cranes from the fine folks at @liteprogear this holiday seasons. Planning on taking it with the #phantom3 to @ferniealpineresort for some all time shots! Thanks in advance. ?. Haha. #cameracranegiveaway


23. @thetroutslayer

Hey @liteprogear. It's be. Love you guys and everything you do. I would love to have one of these camera cranes and would never take it for granted. This would make my kinda crapy videos a lot better. Either way merry Xmas. I hope you guys have a great day with family and friends. ❤️ #cameracranegiveaway



24. @codystauder

Sorry in advance for the multiple give away posts... However, one of these awesome cranes would pull a premium right before the new year. This thing would be a perfect fit for @nitrocircus insane touring/shooting schedule. #cameracranegiveaway @liteprogear



25. @b_lynnstagram

Hey @liteprogear I think I deserve one of these bad boys because I'm a run-and-gun videographer who will be traveling quite a bit in 2016, on shoestring budgets, producing content for several industries throughout the world. Oh, and I've been a very good boy. Help me step up my game with an awesome Feather Camera Crane Plus!!! #cameracranegiveaway #sony #a7s #rokinoncineprimes



26. @capturedbymike

Santa, this is lightweight enough for your sleigh and my rucksack. It would take my storytelling to a new level...literally. Even deployment doesn't stop you from thinking about us during the #cameracranegiveaway. Merry Christmas, @liteprogear !



27. @snowdriftmedia

Merry Xmas y'all! Hoping I win me a @liteprogear crane. Wonder if I can mount the @djiglobal #roninm and use the remote?? Guess we will find out on Boxing Day. #christmas #pleaseme #cameracranegiveaway


28. @c0nw0w

I'm always looking for new ways to get more interesting shots. As an independent up and coming filmer I constantly reinvest every single penny I have to get those shots I dream of. Using the @liteprogear camera crane would be a huge step in that direction to get more dynamic and visually appealing shots. I've longed for one of these cranes since they first came out onto the market. Weighing next to nothing and set up time within minutes it, it would be a perfect addition to my back country quiver. Hopefully I will be able to achieve those shots that now only exist in my imagination. #cameracranegiveaway #pleasepleaseplease #forevergrateful



29. @instaianu

@liteprogear I want it because it allows me to catch the birds closer ? ?#cameracranegiveaway


30. @kimmygrange


@liteprogear #cameracranegiveaway


31. @dreadnaughtdigital

This crane looks amazing! I had a different brand and it was a pain in the ass to setup. Heavy, clunky and eventually I just stopped using it. I'd bring this out to every shoot if I one. #cameracranegiveaway


32. @chrismabeyphoto

What better way to finish out the year than with a brand new @liteprogear crane to make backcountry productions better #cameracranegiveaway


33. @l_mass

Last wish on my Christmas list is a new crane by @liteprogear !Santa can come late right? #cameracranegiveaway


34. @kiphacking

After much thought we will name our first child, boy or girl, "Lite Pro Hacking" if we win this camera crane from @liteprogear. Seems like the right thing to do. Also, it would be perfect for us to use when traveling or hiking because it is so lightweight. @liteprogear makes killer products #cameracranegiveaway ???


35. @threepeakfilms

@liteprogear is about innovation and bringing something new to the table which aligns perfectly with our goals every time we go shoot. If we win the #cameracranegiveaway we can use that took to further our creativity which in turn helps all our supporters :) #liteprogear #threepeakfilms #climbing


36. @live.the.life_you_love

In 2016 I'm trying to take @live.the.life_you_love to the next level!! @liteprogear constantly innovates and changes the game of backcountry, off-the-grid, shooting. I hope to use this amazing product to hike, climb, bike, trek, and swim farther away from the front country and tell the stories of individuals living out their passions in motion. :) #cameracranegiveaway #spreadthestoke



October 27, 2015


Searching For Autumn - Hope Valley

With the chill of fall in the air and the exciting new release of the iPhone 6s, the crew here at Lite Pro Gear aspired to take advantage of the fleeting fall colors and put the 4K video feature of the iPhone 6s to the test.

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October 02, 2015


The power of two wheels - Bijou Bike Park

There's a simple thrill you get when you ride a bike. Whether it's the wind flowing across your face as you cascade down a hill or the feeling you get deep in your stomach when you roll over a bump too fast. As soon as your tires hit the dirt, you're hooked.

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June 29, 2015


LPG Customer of the Month Captures Suspense with the Feather

"All in all, the Feather Camera Crane has become my #1 choice for getting dynamic shots in projects where I need to do several set-ups, but get them done fast and on to the next." – Michael Tushaus

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