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The ultralight Feather Camera Crane™ from Lite Pro Gear is a strong and versatile carbon fiber jib designed to capture awesome shots for the mobile cinematographer. It offers great performance without the hassle–from the outdoor extremes to indoor studio shoots. No other portable camera jib currently matches its payload capacity and boom reach for as light of weight, in addition to offering options for compact use. And it’s engineered and constructed to last! 



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Product Details

  •  The 10 foot Telescoping Boom is constructed from 3k Carbon Fiber, which has a strong strength-to-weight ratio. The telescoping length of 10 feet to 28 inches is reliably controlled by flip-lock clamps, which you'll find work better than screw locks in the outdoor elements. The longer fulcrum length gives you smoother shots than smaller portable jibs, in addition to a higher overhead perspective and a larger swooping range. The compact mode allows you to shoot in close quarters. The counterweight end can be adjusted to help you fine-tune the camera balance. It should be noted that carbon fiber is corrosion free so the telescoping functions will continue to work effectively over time. Also, as a bonus, you can use the boom separately as a monopod or a GoPro pole for quick and dirty overhead shots, or as a mic boom.



  • The Adjustable Self-Leveling Camera Head maintains a smooth and consistent shot throughout large swooping motions. The camera seat slides vertically for various head configurations that can accommodate a variety of video and DSLR options, including stripped-down REDs. The seat also allows you to hang heavier cameras, giving the entire system much more stability. As well, you can use a ball head, MOVI, or RC Heli gimbal for additional configuration options.
  • Order the optional Extension Plate for the mounting of larger cameras such as the Sony FS700, if you don’t want to use the hanging option.
  • Your camera mounts to the head via ¼”-20 or ⅜”-16 track screws, which are held in place so they are always there when you need them. Included in the purchase is one ¼”-20 tool-less track screw, one ¼”-20 track screw, and one ⅜”-16 track screw.




    “Super smooth and just what we needed to make the world’s biggest bamboo forest come alive… It’s hard not to use it on every shot.” – James Adamson, USA

    • The Camera Crane Tower easily attaches to your existing tripod and/or fluid head’s quick release plate through two 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 connection points. And it fits all video heads, from Manfrotto to Satchler. Because you're using your existing fluid head you’re able to tilt the camera up or down, resulting in a broader range of creativity. The tower also has 1/4" and 3/8" sized holes so you can attach an articulating arm in order to mount a field monitor. For stowage you have the option to separate it from the boom and pack it neatly in the rock bag, allowing for easy storage, protection, and versatile packing configurations.


    • The Jib Control Handle / Counterweight Hanger makes it easy for you to manage the boom and capture smooth, fluid shots. It can handle multiple counterbalance options such as the Rock Bag (included), standard weight sets (not included), a haul bag, your backpack, or attach your carabiners (not included) to hang the counterweight. It displaces the weight load for better balance, giving the system great stability. Also, it separates from the boom and packs neatly in the rock bag allowing for easy storage and protection.



    Carabiners in picture are not included.



    “The Feather Camera Crane gives me the ability to elevate the level of cinematography on expedition shoots without slowing down the team or breaking my back!” – Renan Ozturk, USA

    • The Micro Adjust System utilizes durable nylon webbing to make quick micro-adjustments to the angle of your shot.
    • The Black Diamond Carabiner™ is the best mini-carabiner out there and is manufactured in the USA by the great company Black Diamond. It's made of strong plastic, has a reliable gate, and comes in an assortment of colors. The carabiner makes for an easy connection point between the Micro Adjust System and the Cable Slip.
    • The Cable Slip quickly secures the Control Cable for different Boom lengths and it holds the cable in place during storage.
    • The Control Cable is a Petzl™ airline cord which is sheathed with the high strength synthetic fiber, Dyneema, giving it excellent abrasion resistance. It also eliminates the need for a second boom arm, thus lessening the weight of the crane.          


    • The Quick Release Connection Pins are zinc coated, giving them excellent rust resistance along with being slick–making them quick and easy to use. They have a shear strength of 4,300 pounds. The pins have leashes so you’ll never lose them.
    • Blue 6061 Anodized Aluminum Component Pieces with White Graphics offer a high strength-to-weight ratio and a corrosion-weather resistance. The anodizing gives the components the nice color, hardens the aluminum, and increases the longevity of the parts. The graphics are lasered onto the components and clearly labeled for reliable setup.

    "We love it!" – Emmerich Pendl, Austria

    • The Rock Bag is made of durable ripstop nylon, which is the same fabric as your backpack. Stowage instructions are screen-printed on the bag and it has a zippered compartment to hold extra screws or tools. It can act as a counterweight bag allowing you to use things among your surroundings such as rocks, snow, or water bottles. Not having to haul the counterweight in your pack means further distances covered in a shorter period of time. It has webbing loops that slip over the jib handle or use your own carabiners (not included) to hang the bag. It's also the protective case for the component parts – Camera Tower, Jib Handle, and the optional Extension Plate.



    • The Tool-less Setup gives you the ability to easily setup and breakdown the jib in just minutes.

    "Its genuinely amazing to have a camera crane that sets up so quickly and folds down so small, and the production quality of my work has already been taken to another level." – Alexander Thompson, UK

    • It Breaks down to 2 packable sections giving you various options as to how you want to pack it in or on your backpack. The 28" (71.12 cm) boom breakdown length allows for super easy storage in your travel or expedition bag – you’ll hardly know it’s there. It can also fit in most tripod cases along with the tripods. The Rock Bag securely holds your components and packs to 11" x 3 ½" (27.94 x 8.89 cm). The Rock Bag can also clip around the boom.
    • The Bonus Boom Protective Sleeve is made from 5mm stretch Neoprene and is similar to a fly fishing pole holder. It has a balanced strap for carrying, and the zippered end gives you a quick in-and-out access.

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    “Go further, faster, lighter. That is the whole mindset that led us to develop the Feather Camera Crane. Less weight means further distances covered in a shorter period of time … More opportunity to explore and document the unknown.”

    Canyon Florey, Owner of Lite Pro Gear




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