LPG Customer of the Month Captures Suspense with the Feather

"All in all, the Feather Camera Crane has become my #1 choice for getting dynamic shots in projects where I need to do several set-ups, but get them done fast and on to the next." – Michael Tushaus, LPG customer of the month.

First, before we start, watch SlapTV's horror short, "OCD"...


Feather shots: 00:00:10, 00:000:14 (any of the overhead shots are the jib), 00:02:28, 00:03:04, 00:03:40 (over balcony).

Michael Tushaus, Regional Emmy® & Festival Award-Winning Filmmaker, Producer, Actor & Composer who owns and manages Digisphere Productions, used the Feather Camera Crane for the first time while DP for "OCD." He confessed, coming into the project, he was unsure as to how much he'd utilize the camera jib due to their small window of time to film.

"To my pleasure, I ended-up adding shots for the jib, being that it was so easy to move around and set-up for new shots. We even added entire set-ups based off of playing with angles and realizing we liked those new shots more."

In our correspondence, Michael was also excited to talk about "The Exchange, "a project he recently wrapped up, in which he was Director/DP.

Feather shots: 00:00:01 (opening shot), 00:00:28 (opening cont’d), 00:00:34, 00:00:48, 00:00:55, 00:01:25, 00:01:36, 00:02:27, 00:03:30

"When I shot "The Exchange," I had just received my Varavon Birdycam II, which is a gimbal steadicam, and I was expecting to use it in most of the shots. I already had my Feather Camera Crane, and though I loved it, I was excited to use my new gimbal for this shoot. However, when I got into the shoot, I found myself nixing many of the gimbal shots and adding more of my Feather Crane shots. Mainly, I love using it and it is incredibly simple, smooth, dynamic and easy to use. Also, unlike a gimbal, I don’t have to be taking any of the weight of the camera on my arms or shoulders. I simply allow the crane to delicately balance that weight which allows me to quickly and effortlessly get me very dynamic shots with very little physical effort, which allows me to focus more on the composition of the shot and what’s happening in it, instead of worrying about my shoulder getting tired or my arms falling off. And, I get shots I can’t get from other rigs. I can go low to the floor to well above my head with such ease. All in all, the Feather Camera Crane has become my #1 choice for getting dynamic shots in projects where I need to do several set-ups, but get them done fast and on to the next set-up. I won’t go to a shoot without this in my kit again. And especially, that it weighs nothing and fits in a backpack, there’s no excuse not to have it. It’s perfect."


Michael's recent clients include: Toyota, B&W Audio, MMA Awards, RDX Active Wear, LVH's "Rock Vault,”  Slap TV, Billboard, Vegas Vodka, Robin Leach's "#Luxe Vegas," World Fishing Network, World Poker Tour, Remark Media, Sony, Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada, T.I. & Iggy Azalea Music Video "Change Your Life,” HCI Marketing, R16 B-Boy Championships, UFC Fight Day, Miller 64, JIVE Software, Prevacid, Saban International, Marquee Night Club, DJ Kaskade, Hyatt, Model Aubrey Evans, Loop Rawlins Wild West, and many more. 

His versatile abilities have garnered him several awards for his productions in the film festival circuit. Notably, he recently produced, co-wrote, & edited a full-fledged Western film, The Adventures of Loop & Rhett, which itself won 14 awards and 7 nominations in the festival circuit including the categories of Best Film, Best Lead Actors, Best Supporting Actress, Best Stunts, Best Production Design, and several Awards of Overall Excellence. 

As a Director & Producer, his projects have garnered a total of 24 Festival Selections, 17 awards & 10 nominations, and international distribution from a company that represents Oscar finalist films. 

Notable festivals include L.A. Movie Awards, Maverick Movie Awards, St. Louis International Film Festival, ITVFest/PopConLA, Vegas Cine Fest, Action on Film Festival, Vegas Indie Film Fest, Trail Dance Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Festival, Peoples’ Awards International Film Festival in Ecuador, Black Hills Film Festival, The Indie Fest, Accolades Film Competition, and many more. 

Most recently, Michael received 4 Regional Emmy nominations for his work as Director, Producer, Editor and Composer for a commercial for an independent bookstore. He garnered 2 nominations last year for a different commercial campaign, and won one for Music Composition/Arrangement.

For more info about Michael and his company, visit: 


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