The Company.

Lite Pro Gear is in business to provide Creative Image Makers with high performance, ultralight and durable camera support equipment that contributes to higher production value.

Founded by Canyon Florey in late 2012, LPG has been shipping its flagship product, The Feather Camera Crane, to professionals and amateurs worldwide from its secret snow cave headquarters located on the south shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe, USA. 

As a boutique company, the LPG team prides itself with providing quality customer service, an informative shopping experience, a reliable fulfillment process, and (hopefully) a side of humor. Getting outdoors for adrenaline-fueled activities, recreation, and pursuing the art and business of visual story telling is still a priority among everyone here ... However, we're never all gone at the same time; Give us a call or drop an email!


The Story.

In April 2012, Canyon Florey stood atop a peak in the St. Elias Mountains in Alaska, USA where he and filmmaker Chris Edmands swooped the prototype Feather crane out over an abyss. Big mountain rider, Ryland Bell descended and Teton Gravity Research had another amazing shot to add to their 2012 movie, “Jeremy Jones’ FURTHER.”

It had only been eleven months prior, on a sea kayaking expedition through Prince William Sound, that Canyon had realized he needed to add better production value to his films. He needed motion … he needed a lightweight, easy-to-use travel jib and it needed to withstand the environmental stresses that come from shooting in the outdoor extremes.

He had a plan in mind when he returned to his home in Lake Tahoe, California. In a cold garage he machined and assembled the prototype and then spent the next several months enlisting adventure film friends for field tests. Each evaluation led to a few more tweaks, which then led into the previously mentioned TGR movie project. It was upon review of that shot that Canyon understood he was onto something.

But the work was not done ... he returned to the garage and made more adjustments to the design. The next set of tests found the jib traveling with filmmakers to the Trango Tower in Pakistan and to mountain biking trails in the Yukon Territory. As 2012 came to a close, and with the help of two engineers, Canyon finalized the structural integrity and locked down his manufacturers. Lite Pro Gear was officially launched and it was then only a matter of months before the word spread and the innovative Feather Camera Crane™ began shipping to customers around the globe.

Based on feedback from the professionals using the camera jib, the 2015 model of the Feather Camera Crane is a sleek and sexy portable jib crane making differences in productions ranging from hit TV shows to documentaries, to adventure and travel content, to corporate, event and commercial shoots. Stay tuned, because Lite Pro Gear is excited to launch some very cool new accessories, as well as some brand new ultralight products!  


Brand Manager.

Canyon Florey

The Feather Camera Crane™  is the brain child of Canyon. Inspired by travel and adventure in remote parts of the world, Canyon's life is filled with human-powered sports endeavors, photography, film production, design, and enjoying the outdoors. Recent adventures range from following professional climbers, Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright around on bicycles as they climbed numerous desert towers, filming at 16,000' in Peru, heli-ski guiding in Alaska, and being a breakfast cook on a boat in Panama.

"This is one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I have pursued. I have dedicated everything I have to making a reliable, lightweight, functional piece of camera equipment for my friends and fellow creative image makers. It's been great to incorporate the help of so many bad-ass friends to make this possible." -Canyon

A special thanks for research and development testing by:

Alex Morriss - Engineer
Thomas Trudel- Engineer
Chris Edmands and Teton Gravity Research
Corey Rich Productions
Rachid Dahnoun Photography
Trevor Clark Photography
Kyle Schwartz 
Leland McNamara
Sean Aaron