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What makes the Feather Camera Crane better than the other lightweight jibs currently on the market?

For its reach and payload capacity, its the lightest camera crane in the world. It setups in three minutes, it has a longer reach from pivot tower to camera, and the camera head has multiple options for mounting various cameras with a payload up to 10 lbs.


What cameras can I run on this jib?

We have designed the Feather Camera Crane to be compatible with most cameras within the weight range. If you have questions or don’t see your camera below please send us an email.

Canon DSLR’s - 1D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 70D, 60D, T4i, T3i, T2i

Canon Cinema Series - C-100, C-300, C-500

Canon HD camcorders - XF305, XF300, XF105, XF100, XA25, XA20, XA10 and Vixia models.

Nikon DSLR’s - FM10, F6, Df, D4, D3X, D810, D800, D610, D600, D300S, D7100, D7000, D5300, D5200, D5100, D90, D3300, D3200, D3100

Sony Alpha DSLR’s, Sony Mirrorless series, a7,a7r, a7s, a7II, a7rII, a6000, a5100

Sony Video Cameras- NXCAM, XDCAM, NEX series, Sony FS-100 / FS-700

Red Dragon, Red Epic, Red Scarlet, (see below)

Panasonic GH4, GH3, and GH2

Don't forget about the Go Pro.

Can I run my RED camera on this jib?

We have customers using stripped down RED configurations. It helps to get the battery weight off the camera or use a side grip volt battery. With heavier configurations we recommend using the boom in its slightly condensed mode (2-3” less on each section of tube). Stay tuned for add-ons.


Can I fly my Sony FS700 / FS100 on the crane?

You can either use the extension plate or you can hang the FS700 from a ball head. If your configuration has a handle with a ¼"-20 thread insert you can mount directly into the handle.  

How stable is the crane?

It’s been tested and proven to be stable and smooth by high end production companies.

What is the Boa closure system for?

Our design provides a smooth, self-leveling camera head. The BOA closure system allows the filmmaker to make fast micro-adjustments to the camera’s shot angle.


How does the camera head work?

The front head of the jib is removable from the boom with a quick release pin for a more compact breakdown for traveling. The camera seat attaches to the head on a sliding track that allows you to adjust for low or high mounting options depending on your camera’s LCD screen or the needed balance point. Basically, its highly customizable depending on your shot configuration/needs.

Can you give a general description of the camera seat?

It’s made of 6061 anodized aluminum. You can use the included ⅜” or ¼"-20 mounting screws that are held in place on the track. These are standard style track screws commonly found on most tripod fluid heads. The seat also allows for mounting your camera above or below.

(And if you mount your camera onto the seat with a photography ball head, even more interesting shot angles can be achieved!).

What kind of fluid head do I need?

For smooth video motion you need a fluid head and because the Feather Camera Crane is so lightweight you can use small fluid heads such as a Manfrotto 701. It fits all types of heads from Manfrotto to Satchler. The larger your camera, the larger fluid head you will need. If you are using the crane for photography you can use most any head that supports 12 lbs. or more.

Other camera cranes offer a built in fluid head, why don’t you?

Because a tripod and a fluid head are standard video equipment for every filmmaker we made it work quickly on any fluid head you might already have. This eliminates the need to have two tripods or an odd double spinning system. Add an extra quick-plate to the bottom of the crane for even faster set-up.

I notice a bow in some of the pictures. Is this a problem?

Yes there is a bow with heavier cameras, however the bow in the system can actually help ‘dampen’ the motion of the shot. An aluminum jib is rigid and if the jib is bumped the vibration travels up to the camera. Because carbon fiber flexes, it dampens vibrations in the system. With heavier configurations we recommend using the boom in its slightly condensed mode (2-3” less on each section of tube). Stay tuned for add-ons.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. International shipping varies between $80 and $200 and could be subject to your country’s import tax. Please email sales department.


What kind of warranty do you offer?

Click here for the "Lite Pro Gear Guarantee - You'll Love Your Equipment!"


Does Lite Pro Gear do sponsorships?

As a small company we have a limited potential for sponsorship. Currently, we have the privilege of working with some of the best professionals in the industry who provide us with feedback, coverage, and exposure. So, as of today, the team does not allow for more additions.

However, if you have a high exposure project and you can provide us with amazing content, we’ve been known to provide a rental. Or if you are planning on taking the Feather Camera Crane to the moon or other heavenly bodies … we can talk.

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