Everything you need to know to get your Feather Camera Crane Plus ready for action .
Chasing the Light. Early mornings, planning and preparation are crucial to getting the shot.
The Ultimate Travel Jib.
Water is a Key to Life.
Feather Camera Crane product video.
The ins-and-outs of getting yourself up and running and crushing shots in no time.
Nothing but beautiful jib shots in this video. Through a combination of reveals, unique angles, pans and more, Brett shows how motion can elevate a scene.
Mike put the jib to the test and came out with a nice demonstration as to the type of shots you can get.
"People have really responded to the work, and we work really hard to get the shots. We work really hard to tell the story and we love going to far off places." – Donnie Vincent. Check out the 6:19 mark to see the Feather Camera Crane in action in front of the lens!
The Feather Camera Crane gets some star time again in the Himalayas, and the founder of Teton Gravity Research gives some cool insight as to why an ultralight jib is very beneficial to their filming endeavors (2:51 mark).
"In this 'street art - meets - skateboarding - meets - renaissance classicism' mini-doc, filmmaker Tasos Kosmatopoulos said "In this project I mainly used the Lite Pro Gear crane, so thanks for the great product! great tool for me."
"Filmed with the amazing Feather Camera Crane by Lite Pro Gear. At less than four pounds and super short, we were fired up to fit this bad boy in the cockpit of our boats to get some fresh angles in hard to reach gorges." - Tommy Penick
Canyon Florey, owner of Lite Pro Gear, demonstrates some different jib moves.
Using the first generation Feather Camera Crane, Tim Jones shows how easy it is to counterbalance with things found in your environment.