How to run a MōVI on a Jib

If you're looking to step up your Jib shots, attaching a gimbal to a jib is a sure way to increase the production value by allowing you multi-axis shots within traditional jib movements. We've put together a new Camera Ninja Training video to show you how to set up our Feather Crane Plus and a Freefly Systems MōVI M10
The Extension Plate Plus is attached to the camera seat of the Feather Crane Plus and is the key to allowing enough room for the MōVI to operate it's full range of motion.   
The main ingredient necessary for attaching the MōVI is the combination of the MōVI ‘Ninja Star’ Adapter Plate, Toad and the  Toad In The Hole Quick Release. This will allow for easy transitions from crane to jib to tripod to Drone. A very useful tool in the arsenal. 
To attach a monitor to the Feather Crane Plus tower, we used an Articulating Arm, a Swat Rail Clamp and a Nato Rail. These add on accessory items can be found in any price range...just remember, you get what you pay for. We recommend purchasing a high quality articulating arm as the inexpensive models tend to fail at holding up the monitor or stop articulating all together.
With these tools, the production value goes through the roof into Hollywood production status, now go out there and crush some jib shots!

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Adan Valdez
Adan Valdez

February 18, 2016

same process apply to Dji ronin

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