Camera Tripod Heads 101

If you’re brand new to the world of video camera equipment, it can be overwhelming trying to understand the intricacies of your new camera and all of its accessories. While you may already have purchased your shiny new video camera, there are a variety of helpful tools you can purchase to enhance your video quality. A great tripod head will hold your camera rock-steady; while less superior models will have a less sturdy and smooth delivery. If you plan on purchasing your camera head individually as opposed to buying a complete kit, make sure you understand the function and importance of each accessory before purchasing them.

Ball Heads

Ball heads allow you to aim your camera lens with ease and can be adjusted into a wide range of positions. A majority of the time, your tripods ball joint will be able to move in a complete 360-degree circle providing you with true pan and tilt capabilities.

Pan & Tilt Heads

Pan and tilt heads allow you to have a high level of control of your video camera. These heads allow the cameraman to control the movement of the camera with one hand, providing a useful way to make quick adjustments.

Gimbal Heads

When you place a large, heavy camera on a regular tripod head, the laws of gravity are likely to take over and your beloved camera might tip over. A gimbal head is a great solution for this because it balances your camera on its natural center of gravity. Gimbal heads let you easily pan by rotating the camera base up and down, without having to worry about the camera tipping over on its mount.

Fluid Heads

As their name implies, fluid heads use an innovative sealed liquid to create a small hydraulic damping system that enables a smooth and steady camera motion. If you’re planning to shoot your video with a compact camcorder, you’ll find a fluid head to be extremely useful.

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