Essential Video Equipment For Your Next Video Shoot

Whether you’re new to videography or have been in the filmmaking industry for years, capturing those magic moments can be extra challenging without the proper video equipment. Choosing the wrong support system for your camera puts you at risk of poor production quality and multiple, time consuming re-shoots. At Lite Pro Gear, our professional video equipment specialists are dedicated to educating our customers on the value of quality video gear, which is why we’ve worked hard to create the innovative Feather Camera Crane™ and Feather Crane Plus™. While there are several stabilization systems to consider when it comes to your camera rig, below are a few qualities we recommend for both basic and advanced support systems.

Video Camera Tripods

A solid and dependable tripod is almost as essential as the video camera itself. Almost every video camera will have two basic parts: the head and the legs. It is common to purchase these parts as one unit, but you can also find them individually. If you want to mix and match your video equipment, be extra careful purchasing parts from different manufacturers, as certain features may vary in shape and size. An ideal tripod stand must do several things well to be effective. A solid tripod will not wiggle or shake when set up and should provide a sturdy foundation for your video camera to sit. It should also give a smooth and consistent resistance for tilts, turns and pans. Materials and their associated weights should also be considerations if you plan on travel long distances with your tripod.

Video Camera Jibs & Cranes

One of the greatest ways to open or close a scene in your video can be created with the use of a jib, also known as a crane. This video camera accessory creates a panning motion made by moving the video camera up or down past tall foreground objects or your subject. A jib usually consists of a long arm with the video camera on one end and counterweights on the other. The entire rig will mount to a tripod base so you can easily maneuver the jib to create unique and captivating shots.

At Lite Pro Gear, we’ve created a strong and versatile carbon fiber jib for the mobile cinematographer. Our Feather Camera Crane™ provides exceptional performance without the hassle of bulky parts and is perfect for both outdoor video and indoor studio shoots.

Video Tripod Heads

When it comes to choosing the correct tripod head for your video camera, it’s important to consider matching the weight of your camcorder with the rated load capacity of the head. A head that was initially designed for a heavier camcorder won’t get the same balance performance with a light camera as it would with a heavier camera. If you have a larger video camera or have multiple cameras you intend to use on the same head, look for a head that will allow you to install different gauges of counterbalance springs.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lite Pro Gear’s innovative and lightweight Feather Camera Crane™and Feather Crane Plus™check out our videos online or contact us today!

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