Chasing The Light - Cascade Falls

As kids, waking up early was something we generally associated with being a grown up. We slept in as long as our parents would let us, before getting physically yanked out of bed to start the day. Now, as I’m settling into my adult shoes and establishing a career in videography and photography, I find myself waking up well before the sun to try and catch that “golden hour” to create a scene that is visually stunning and surrounded with depth and dimension. A little passion goes a long way, and so does a good cup of coffee. The struggle of an early morning shoot wouldn't be possible without the wonderful taste, satisfaction and aroma of coffee. Without its use my productivity and motivation in the wee hours of the morning would be futile.

As coffee plays such a large role in my functionality as a human, light plays an equally essential role in most all of human activities. It also plays a critical role in the world of videography and photography. Without the right light the scene never really develops a sense of fulfillment. Light has the ability to transform a mundane scene into a beautiful reality all of its own. As a videographer and photographer you really need to understand and learn how to use light to your advantage. We are in constant pursuit for that perfect sunrise or sunset.

In the never ending race against light, having the right tools for the job and preparation can be the difference between nailing the shot and coming home empty handed.


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