At Lite Pro Gear, we help you achieve higher production levels with ultralight, easy-to-setup, and durable camera cranes – even if you’re on a self-supported expedition, or simply shooting by yourself in the studio.

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Episode 2 - Camera Ninja Training - Counterbalance

November 19, 2015

At Lite Pro Gear, we want to help you nail those epic shots. The Camera Ninja Training course is meant to work the viewer from the ground up through a series of short instructional videos.

Searching For Autumn - Hope Valley

October 27, 2015

With the chill of fall in the air and the exciting new release of the iPhone 6s, the crew here at Lite Pro Gear aspired to take advantage of the fleeting fall colors and put the 4K video feature of the iPhone 6s to the test.

The power of two wheels - Bijou Bike Park

October 02, 2015

There's a simple thrill you get when you ride a bike. Whether it's the wind flowing across your face as you cascade down a hill or the feeling you get deep in your stomach when you roll over a bump too fast. As soon as your tires hit the dirt, you're hooked.

Chasing The Light - Cascade Falls

September 09, 2015

In the never ending race against light, having the right tools for the job and preparation can be the difference between nailing the shot and coming home empty handed.

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