It’s about capturing motion and a feeling in a shot that is pretty epic - one that you can’t get with a tripod or a slider. Smooth motion feels and looks amazing, and it draws your eye into the scene.

  • Feather Camera Crane | Portable Lightweight Travel Jib Feather Camera Crane | Portable Lightweight Travel Jib Quick View
    Feather Camera Crane | Portable Lightweight Travel Jib

    Feather Camera Crane | Portable Lightweight Travel Jib


    Ultralight 3.8 pound carbon fiber jib

    The ultralight Feather Camera Crane™ from Lite Pro Gear is a strong and versatile 3.8 lb. carbon fiber travel jib, perfect for the adventure cinematographer and mobile videographer. It's so light and portable you'll hardly notice the new addition to your travel setup until you see the remarkable professional footage you're able to capture. 

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    At a Glance

    » Bomber Design.

    » Easy to setup, use, and stow.

    » Awesome performance and creative flexibility.

    » 10 foot (3 meter) 3K Carbon Fiber Telescoping Boom.

    » 7 foot (2.3 meters) from pivot to head.

    » 10 pound (4.54 grams) payload capacity.

    » Weighs 3.8 pounds (1.72 grams).

    » 6061 Anodized Aluminum Components.

    » Self-Leveling Head offering multiple mounting options.

    » Boa® Closure System and Support Cable to control camera angle adjustments.

    » Camera Crane Tower with articulating arm mounting options.

    » Jib Control Handle / Counterweight Hanger to give pan control and stability.

    » Rock Bag doubles as component protective case and counterweight bag.

    » Tool-less Setup.

    » Breaks down to 28 inches (71.12 centimeters) and 2 packable sections.

    » 360 degree pan range.

    » Includes bonus Boom Protective Sleeve with carrying strap.

    » Protected by The Light Pro Gear Guarantee - You’ll Love Your Equipment!

    » "30 Days to Decide"

    » The LPG Professional Warranty


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    Tech Specs

    » Construction: 3K Carbon Fiber and 6061 Anodized Aluminum

    » Weight: 3.8 pounds (1.72 grams)

    » Payload Capacity: 10 pounds (4.54 grams)

    » Boom Length: 10 feet (3.05 meters)

    » Tower-to-Head Length: 7 feet to 2.9 feet (2.13 meters to 0.88 meters)

    » Counterbalance: Rock Bag (included), weights or backpacks (not included).

    » Tripod Attachment: Two 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 connection points

    » Pan Range: 360 degrees

    » Boom breakdown length: 28 inches (71.12 centimeters)

    » Component Bag breakdown length: 11 inches (27.94 centimeters)

    » Total vertical rise: 11.5 feet. (3.5m)  Height depends on your tripod size  

    In the Box

    » The Boom, Camera Head with track screw, Control Cable with Cable Slip are connected and stored in the Protective Sleeve.

    » The Crane Tower with the connected Boa Closure System and Black Diamond Carabiner are stored in the Rock Bag along with the Jib Handle / Weight Hanger (and Optional Extension Plate, if purchased).

    » Secured in the pocket of the Rock Bag are the two extra camera track screws (¼”-20 and ⅜”-16) and an allen wrench that allows you to adjust the friction of the flip-locks.

    » An instructional card, Lite Pro Gear Stickers, Canyon’s business card, and additional packing material.

    » The Lite Pro Gear Guarantee - You'll Love Your Equipment



    Suggested Accessories:

    Extension Plate for larger cameras Learn more »


            Standard weight lifting weights   

                     Mini Ball Head

                   Awesome T-Shirt


    Product Photography By: Tim PeareXXXXX

Here's What Professionals Have to Say...


"I brought the crane to the Karakorum Range in Pakistan were every ounce counts. We were operating at almost 21,000 feet and the ability to use a lightweight jib that allowed me to create sophisticated camera movements really adds production value in such a wild place."

  Corey Rich, Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker

 "There is no other crane that I could have used to get these shots. In some pretty unreal places in China, I climbed ropeless with the crane on my back and then set it up right on the edge of a free standing spire! I love how light and fast to set up this rig is... truly a work of genius!!"

 Cedar Wright, Professional Climber and Filmmaker

“The Feather Camera Crane gives me the ability to elevate the level of cinematography on expedition shoots without slowing down the team or breaking my back!”

  Renan Ozturk, Camp 4 Collective

“To be on the stage wing and to use the crane to film David Byrne and St Vincent was killer! To throw that camera out over the 7,000 person crowd and then back up on the stage was so cool… It was definitely ninja up there!”

  Brett Schreckengost, freelance photojournalist

“This jib added a dimension of camera opportunities, and it’s run and gun setup times allowed us to get great shots on a very tight schedule. We also utilized the Lite Pro Camera Jib for dynamic camera moves. Its light weight and ease of setup allowed us to deploy the jib quickly to capture scenes and wildlife on the fly.”

  Rex Lint, Big Tree Media

“I was blown away when I first used the Feather Camera Crane because it was both lightweight and incredibly sturdy, which has always been a negatively skewed ratio. Now I can ditch the heavy dolly and get reliable cinematic movement while traveling with an insanely lightweight setup."

  Samuel Crossley, Adventure filmmaker and photographer

“The Feather Camera Crane proved to be a cool tool in the success of our Yukon mountain bike video project.”

  Trevor Clark, Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker


“Super smooth and just what we needed to make the world’s biggest bamboo forest come alive… It’s hard not to use it on every shot.”

  James Adamson, James Adamson Productions

“The Feather Camera Crane has changed what is possible for filming in remote locations.”

  Rachid Dahnoun, Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker

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