At Lite Pro Gear, we help you achieve higher production levels with ultralight, easy-to-setup, and durable camera cranes – even if you’re on a self-supported expedition, or simply shooting by yourself in the studio.

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The power of two wheels - Bijou Bike Park

October 02, 2015

There is a simple thrill that you get when you ride a bike. Whether its the wind flowing across your face as you cascade down a hill or the feeling you get deep in your stomach when you roll over a bump to fast. As soon as your tires hit the dirt, you're hooked. 


Chasing The Light - Cascade Falls

September 09, 2015

As kids, waking up early was something we generally associated with being a grown up. We slept in as long as our parents would let us, before getting physically yanked out of bed to start the day.

LPG Customer of the Month Captures Suspense with the Feather

June 29, 2015

Busted Wallet and LPG are giving away a Feather Crane!

June 22, 2015

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