Filming in the World's Harshest Landscapes

It always makes Monday a lot easier when we realize the Feather Camera Crane has received some great press again. And in this case, it's made another appearance in front of the lens. Teton Gravity Research released episode 11 of their "Behind the Scenes of Jeremy Jones' Higher: Unplugged" series, in which, they give some insight into the "difficulties of filming in the world’s harshest landscapes." 

The New York Times picked up the story as well (Link). So whether you view it here or there, get ready for the 2:50 mark when Todd Jones, founder of TGR, explains the shared history between Lite Pro Gear and the Jeremy Jones' Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy along with shots of our camera jib in action.


Behind the Scenes of Jeremy Jones’ Higher: Higher Unplugged Episode 11 from Teton Gravity Research on Youtube.


In the video, Jeremy explained that the project is "Not only evolving from a rider perspective, but also a production perspective." For LPG's insight into the evolution Jeremy speaks of, check out our Blog article, THE COOKS’ SIDE OF SHREDDING - THE DAY THAT LAUNCHED A BUSINESS.


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