LPG's Design Philosophy and The Feather Camera Crane Video

Here at Lite Pro Gear, we’re stoked to release our most comprehensive video to date offering insight into the Feather Camera Crane. In this video, we highlight many of the features of our adventure camera jib and explain how each benefits you, the user. As we’ve mentioned before, the purpose of the camera crane is to bring higher production value without the hassle. Flip locks instead of screw locks, camera mounting screws held in place on anodized aluminum parts, and a durable, ultralight carbon fiber boom contribute to the “Run-and-Gun-Filming” that the travel jib is known for.

As Lite Pro Gear’s brand manager Canyon Florey points out in the video, “rethinking new and creative ways to improve upon current components and materials is what we do best.”

This spotlight on the Feather Camera Crane also includes examples of cool shots you can achieve when filming anywhere from the world’s extremes to your local neighborhood event. Swooping cinematic landscapes shots, revealing opening shots, push and pull movements, and short slider moves are demonstrated, in addition to movements like tilting your crane while panning.

Check out the video and see why professional videographers and photographers from around the globe are choosing the Feather Camera Crane to create better images.


Feather Camera Crane Spotlight from Lite Pro Gear on Youtube.



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