It’s All About Telling A Great Story!

Just about everyday we’re contacted by someone who’s preparing to film a story they’re very passionate about. Sometimes they’re asking for sponsorship, sometimes they want to know if we can get our travel jib to them overnight and/or across the world. We’re not always able to accommodate requests, but we do our best to find some sort of solution. (like shipping a camera crane next week to Cambodia for a project we can’t wait to tell you more about later!)

Sometimes a customer orders the Feather Camera Crane like usual, and then suddenly it’s not only contributing to their higher production, but actually making appearances in front of the lens (6:19) in compelling stories like this recent Vimeo Staff Pick, “Who We Are.



Who We Are from Sicmanta on Vimeo.

Director and editor of the video, Kyle Nickolite of Sicmanta, shared these words with us:

We can get the Feather Camera Crane anywhere–obviously you can see by the video, it can be up on boats. You know, the thing’s super light … we’re out there, we’re getting on planes, and there’s only so much weight we can bring, so we need equipment that packs light and provides diversified shots.


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