Great Insight about the Feather Camera Crane from Grit Visual

On August 27th, Tim Jones posted a Feather Camera Crane review and video on Grit Visual's blog page. We encourage you give the article a read (HERE).

In the review he shared these words in regards to Lite Pro Gear's travel camera jib:

"We’ve used everything from small DSLRs up to the Sony FS700. I know a lot of people out there use RED cameras on it. One thing to note: the bigger the camera (and heavier the weights on the counter balance), the Feather Crane can start to wobble a bit on big movements. An easy way to control this problem is to operate it with two hands, and to make smaller, more precise moves."

He also added:

"Over the course of the past year, I’ve used the Feather Camera Crane on a countless number of shoots. As Grit Visual grows, we generally move into bigger, bulkier equipment. However, the Feather Crane is still one of our lightest, smallest and most reliable filmmaking tools. When I’m packing for a shoot, it always goes in the bag."

Go check out the entire review after you watch his video!



Gear Review: Lite Pro Gear Feather Camera Crane from Grit Visual on Youtube.


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