Big Tree Media Knows How to Capture Magic with a Travel Jib

And this rad video recently featured on the homepage of Black Diamond Equipment proves it. In it, friend and customer of Lite Pro Gear and appreciator of a quality portable camera jib, Rex Lint (Big Tree Media) highlighted Black Diamond athlete Angel Collinson in the backcountry of British Columbia. Here’s what he had to say…

“Special thanks to Canyon and his sweet camera crane that we used everyday in the backcountry of the Skeena Mountains. Love this piece of gear and it worked amazing with our FS700 and the GH3.”

VIDEO PROFILE: BD athlete Angel Collinson skiing in Terrace, BC from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.


In the video, Angel’s words ring loud and clear in the LPG office...

“A lot of times, when you’re hiking for every vertical foot, you really appreciate going down… every turn you make, every feature you hit, every tree you ski by is almost more meaningful because its so much more work to get back up there and do it all over again. Every run is not disposable - it’s really valuable. I think the backcountry is a gift that we all get to enjoy.”



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