Getting Ready for the Shot… That’s a Sweet Looking Shadow!

The perspective from the 10 foot boom made by a camera jib that can be hauled easily to the tops of mountains!


Here's Brett Schreckengost's Feather Camera Crane Reel:

And his story about getting the crane:

“I purchased the crane last winter. I got hired to do this promotional job for this private Cat Skiing operation called the Cimarron Mountain Club, a super exclusive 30 home site - 2,000 acre private powder stash. This place is off the radar between Crested Butte and Telluride in a place you’d never think there was skiing. A lawyer out of Denver bought up all this property and started cutting runs and finally decided to develop this place for catskiing. And last year they hired me to produce a promotional video, which took a year to complete.  I realized I needed more gear such as a sliders, cranes, etc. A friend of mine, Ben Knight, from Felt Soul Media told me about Canyon and the company and recommended it to me because I’m a one man show and knew I wouldn’t be hiring other people to help carry a crane. Anyways, the crane crushed it! I used many of its shots in the final piece. It was instrumental in raising the bar in the production value. My client was blown away! Still to this day, he loves everything we did, even though he probably had no idea as to what tools were used. We used a lot of Drone shots and some other things but the crane could do things the drone couldn’t, especially in windy conditions. I used it for Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Rock Climbing, Fly Fishing and roasting marshmallows over a fire. I think I probably over-used it to be honest (laughs).”


Brett Schreckengost, freelance photojournalist

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