Review of the Feather Camera Crane

Mike Wilkinson for recently put the Feather Camera Crane through the ringer in sub-zero temperatures in Michigan while filming ice climbers. The result is a thorough review and assessment HERE.

"Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of footage, the low weight and small footprint of the unit, and how easy it is to assemble. Within a few shoots I feel that I’ve come close to mastering the use of it, and minimized my setup time as much as possible."

If using a portable jib is still something you're unsure of, Mike gives some great examples in the article and the video of the types of shots you can get. As well, he validates what we've been pushing ... the Feather Camera Crane "rocks for outdoor adventure filmmakers."



Gear Review: Feather Camera Crane by Lite Pro Gear from Mike Wilkinson on Vimeo.





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tirumal rao
tirumal rao

February 26, 2015

it is very good,

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