A Travel Jib that Thrives in the Mongolian Elements

We include it in just about everything we put out there – The Feather Camera Crane is designed and engineered to be weather resistant, meaning your concern will be about your DSLR or RED cameras, not your camera jib. The 10’ boom is carbon fiber and the components are anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The pins are zinc-coated/rust resistant and the control cable is a Petzl airline cord which is sheathed with the high strength synthetic fiber, Dyneema.

But what about being frozen in ice?

Besides being strong and light, carbon fiber, which some people like to tout as a luxury material, is heat and moisture stable. In other words, it handles just about everything you can throw at it. And there’s a reason anodized-aluminum and stainless steel are used in everything from satellites to buildings to outdoor furniture; they withstand water.    

Beattie Outdoor Productions and Simms Fishing recently traveled into remote and unpredictable regions of Mongolia to make a film about fly fishing for the elusive Taimen, the world’s largest salmonid. Its a film to capture the imagination of anglers worldwide and to “Quit daydreaming and experience the real last frontier.”

RA Beattie shared this great feedback with us and an answer to the ice question.

"As a production team, we've shot film and video on every continent over the last 10 years, in some of the most remote and demanding locations on the planet. When choosing gear we're always trying to find a balance between weight, size, performance, and durability. We rolled the dice and decided on the Feather Camera Crane for a recent month long film expedition in remote locations in Mongolia. One cold night, our expedition boat sprung a leak and filled with water, then froze solid. Any hesitations we had regarding durability of the crane instantly vanished when it emerged unharmed from the ice. The crane's super lightweight and compact design make it ideal for remote travel. It performs great and the simple design makes assembling in the field a breeze – even with gloves. It's next testing ground will the the remote islands of the Seychelles, off the coast of Africa."

Here’s the trailer for the film.


Pushing the limits in Mongolia from Simms Fishing on Youtube.


The final film will be in the Fly Fishing Film tour and hit some 150 US cities, then go on to Canada, Europe, and the South Pacific. The film’s release is also in conjunction with Simms Fishing Products’ G Series launch, which you can check out (HERE).


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