"Packing For An Outdoor Shoot." As Told By One Of The Best In The Biz

This “Nikon Behind the Scenes” features everyone’s favorite Nikon Ambassador, filmmaker, photographer, teacher, and friend of Lite Pro Gear - Corey Rich. In the video he asks the question:

How can I go fast and light with a minimal amount of gear, but still create compelling still images and powerful video?"

Watch the video for his answer and some great tips. We’re stoked he chose the Feather Camera Crane to use when he made this statement:

And if you really start to fall in love with video, well then the next thing you’re going to add to your bag is a jib arm.

After all, camera jib shots in the backcountry can add great elements to your videos. And if that jib is portable, easy-to-use, and durable, then all the better!


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