Bomb Snow Wish List

Back in November the Feather Camera Crane was featured in Bomb Snow's gear guide! We're stoked that the word is getting out about the value of camera jibs in the backcountry, especially one that only weight 3.8 pounds, but still stretch out 7 feet!

Based out of Bozeman Montana, Bomb Snow is “Fueled by a love of free-speech, creative impulse, and an alternative to the MASS-DISTRACTION called media, Bomb Snow Magazine is dedicated to providing readers with legitimate content through crafty design, quality photography & progressive ideas. At Bomb Snow it’s about spreading ideas throughout a large group of Like-minded individuals and making a difference is some way, shape or form to positively shape the amazing game of life. Take the time to care about what you read, and pick up a Bomb Snow Today! Live the dream.”

If you’re not already, we suggest you take their advice.

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