It’s About Capturing a Feeling in a Shot – Smooth Motion that Looks Amazing and Draws your Eye into the Scene.

Great For DSLRs and Larger Production Cameras!

 Since launching into existence during the filming of TGR’s Further, and capturing Ryland Bell's descent on the K Tooth, Lite Pro Gear has been shipping its portable crane worldwide to mobile cinematographers, adventure videographers, and travel photographers all looking to elevate their projects with a jib that captures awesome shots and is easy to use. As Jeremy Jones points out in the following BTS video … “Not only evolving in a riding perspective, but also a production perspective.” (Check out the 2:50 mark for some in-front-of-the-lens action.)

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The Feather Camera Crane's 3.8 pounds of carbon fiber, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel gives you longer reach for less weight than anything out there. The 10 foot boom makes for smooth reveals, beautiful pans, and allows you to pull off short slider moves, push and pulls, and straight down shots. This crane is designed to handle the elements and abuse that occurs when traveling and shooting in wild places, and is ideal when packing light and fast is paramount, which is what Donnie Vincent points out in Sicmanta's "Who We Are." (6:20 mark for boat and jib action!)


The payload capacity of 10 pounds enables you to fly a variety of cameras ... from lightweight mirrorless cameras such as the Panasonic GH4 or Sony A7s, larger DSLR cameras including the Canon 5D MIII or Nikon D800, and heavier production cameras such as the Red Epic, Red Dragon or the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

When run-and-gun filming is the situation, time is precious and flawless execution is mandatory. Allow the Feather Camera Crane to take your videos to the next level!

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