Take Your Production to the Next Level with Smooth Motion, Unique Angles, and Beautiful Pans All Added by One Piece of Gear – The Feather Camera Crane! 

(And it doesn't matter if you're shooting solo hundreds of miles away from the nearest town, or working with a crew in a studio)

The Feather Camera Crane weighs in at 3.8 lbs, has a 10' boom with a 7’ reach, and breaks down to 28". It flies a variety of cameras from lightweight mirrorless cameras such as the Panasonic GH4 or Sony A7s, larger DSLR cameras including the Canon 5D MIII or Nikon D800, and heavier production cameras such as the Red Epic, Red Dragon or the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

This travel jib is engineered to be sturdy and weather resistant. It captures professional footage and offers creative options for image makers looking to raise their production level without the hassle. (More Details Here)

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