Ultralight, Durable Camera Jibs to Make Your Job Easier – Even if You're Living Out of a Backpack in the Wilderness, or Shooting Solo in the Studio.

The Feather Camera Crane

The Feather Crane Plus

Don't just meet your clients' expectations, blow them away! Allow this sturdy 3.8 pound carbon fiber camera jib to fulfill your higher production needs. Capable of flying up to 10 pounds, it's designed to give you the performance and reliability of a high end video jib with the simplicity of a mini jib arm. Need even more? With the same 10 foot boom, giving you 7 feet of reach, the 4.4 pound modular update raises the payload capacity to 13.5 pounds by incorporating a Cable Support – Great for flying gimbals!

Ordering Info and Specs for the Feather

Ordering Info and Specs for the Feather Plus


Long Reach and Portable

The telescoping 10 foot boom gives you adjustable lengths stretching to 7 feet from the fulcrum. Yet it breaks down to 28 inches for super easy stowage in your travel gear.



Great Shots

Nothing but beautiful camera jib shots in this video. Through a combination of reveals, unique angles, pans and more, Brett shows how motion can really add to your storytelling.


DSLRs, Larger Production Cameras, and Gimbal Setups

Use the Feather for GoPros, to DSLRs, and Fs700 and the Feather Plus for Reds and gimbals. The adjustable camera seat allows for multiple mounting options giving you more creative options and angles.


Easy Balancing

The counterweight design brings stability to the jib by displacing the weight load perpendicularly using 2 points of contact. And it allows you to use things found in your shoot location or studio to balance the system; rocks, snow, water bottles, mustard containers, books, standard weight plates … endless possibilities.


Travel Rugged and Weather Resistant

The Feathers are premium products that stands apart from other budget-class portable DSLR jib cranes because it’s engineered and constructed to last – carbon fiber, anodized aluminum, stainless steel and zinc coated – designed to endure the environmental and transport abuse that comes from filming in dynamic conditions.


Used Worldwide

Keith Ladzinsky provided this screenshot of filmmaker and professional climber, Cedar Wright on assignment in China filming professional climber Emily Harrington for National Geographic. Cedar had this to say: "There is no other crane that I could have used to get these shots. I climbed rope-less with the crane on my back and then set it up right on the edge of a free standing spire! I love how light and fast to setup it is ... truly a work of genius!!"



Put to the Test

"Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of footage, the low weight and small footprint of the unit, and how easy it is to assemble. Within a few shoots I feel that I’ve come close to mastering the use of it, and minimized my setup time as much as possible." – Resource Magazine Online



Captures the Magic

Strategically placed jib shots throughout a movie, documentary, tv show, commercial, video clip, etc. can make all the difference between a good scene and an awesome scene. At Lite Pro Gear, we love making gear that makes getting those camera jib shots easier and contributes to taking your storytelling to the next level. 


The Feather Camera Cranes | Bomber Design. Ultralight and Easy to Use.
Awesome Performance and Creative Flexibility.

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